Frozen Lofoten

Sandra (UK)

Sincere thanks to Your Norwegian Nature for a brilliant trip to Lofoten.  They took this landscape newbie under their wings brilliantly and allowed her to learn to fly and work outside of her comfort zone of wildlife photography.  The patience, understanding, expertise and good humour of Floris and Marijn were endless.  I learned an awful lot, detailed histograms, using curves and lines to enhance composure, using filters creatively to slow shutter speeds and bring out texture, panoramas, night-time photography and finally Lightroom processing which pushed some of my comfort boundaries.  So much and much much more...


Senja in winter

Ruby (NL)

I have chosen a photo trip with Floris because I admire his kind of photography and the area (Senja). The tour was in the middle of the northern light season. I was positively surprised by the expertise of Floris and his tremendous enthusiasm and energy. He drove our group (7 people) in a van from early morning to late at night if there was any chance to spot the northern light. And we did!! With patience he gave us plenty of tips & tricks. He is a professional guide that won’t disappoint you. He even took care of all our food and drinks during the trip.


Highlight: Driving to a beautiful, remote place in the middle of the night where we saw the northern light and were able to make wonderful pictures.


Black grouse and capercaillie

Melvyn (DE)

I have been on a number of Floris's trips over the last few years to photograph Capercaillie and Black Grouse. Floris is a great host who goes out of his way to ensure that I always have the best opportunities to photograph the elusive Capercaillie and feisty Black Grouse. Floris always prioritizes his guests first and foremost and I now consider Floris a good friend rather than just a photography guide. As a bonus, Floris is great cook and always makes sure his guests are well fed.


My highlight of each visit has been to see the Capercaillie and their bizarre lekking rituals. And no trip would be complete without meeting the very charismatic Funky (Floris's dog).


Musk-oxen in winter conditions

Berend-Jan (NL)

De trip naar Dovrefjell was voor mij volop genieten van de Noorse winter door de verplaatsing met husky’s en het kamperen in de sneeuw met het gevoel in de middle of nowhere te zijn. 

Het verbaasde mij hoe makkelijk het was om elke dag muskusossen te zien en te fotograferen, ik had verwacht dat dit veel lastiger zou zijn. Daarbij heb ik Floris ervaren als een uitstekende reisleider die de verwachtingen waar maakt.

Mijn highlight: De totale beleving van de Noorse winter


Musk-oxen, wild reindeer and autumn landscapes

Tony (UK)

I highly recommend the "Musk Ox, Moose, Landscapes and Reindeer " photo tour, run by Floris. I have been on a number of other wildlife photo tours previously, but what made Floris's trip so special was that it involved actively venturing out into the landscape, on foot, and experiencing the environment in which the reindeer and musk ox live. As such, it provides excellent opportunities for both wildlife and landscape photography. There were long days tracking the elusive wild reindeer over the hillsides and standing around in the cold, waiting for the musk ox to do something other than just sleep. Whilst he is also an accomplished photographer, Floris's strength is his passion for, and knowledge about, the wildlife, and his understanding of its behavior. He is skilled at spotting wild animals in the distance, tracking them and...