Black grouse Norway



Period: 7th of April – 7th of May 2019


General summery.

You will work closely with a professional guide, guiding nature photographers from different nationalities.


Ideal candidate:

  • Nature and wildlife interested

  • Social skilled and interested in guiding

  • Good physical condition

  • Speaks well English

  • Interest and knowledge in nature photography (not required)

  • Between 18 and 30 year old (only required for intern)

  • Currently following an education on bachelor or master level (only required for intern)

  • You must have your own car with a minimum of 5 seats


Who am I looking for and what will you be doing?

I’m searching for an intern or volunteer who will join me on the guided photo tours during the black grouse and capercaillie lekking season. The work will consist out of;

  • Setting up and moving photo tents

  • Checking camera traps

  • Driving moose safaris

  • Picking up and dropping off the guests at the airport

  • Bringing the guests to the photo hides

  • Picking up the guests from the photo hides

  • Maintaining the bird feeding place

  • Helping with household tasks (shopping, cooking, cleaning and such)


You will be working closely together with me (Floris Smeets) from day to day. Most of the activities we will do together. After some time you will be expected to do some jobs by yourself. Over the period of a month, we will host different groups of nature photographers. Each group will be guided for 7 days. The main work will find place on and around the black grouse and capercaillie leks. Tents have to be set up, replaced, moved, the guests have to be brought to the leks in the evening and picked up in the early morning. You might also be asked to spend the night on a lek, to monitor the activity of the birds.


What will you gain out of it?

  • This month will give you first-hand experience in nature (photography) guiding

  • It is a great way to learn how it is, and what it takes to work in this branch

  • You will learn a lot about northern ecosystems

  • You will get to see a lot of wildlife

  • You get to stay for a month in the most beautiful nature of Norway  



The following costs are covered;

  • Housing from the 7th of April until the 7th of May 2019

  • Breakfast, lunch and diners (snacks and alcohol for your own account)

  • All costs made for transporting the guests (fuel and toll)

  • You can occasionally use the black grouse and capercaillie hides free of charge

Contact me if you are interested or have questions

Find out more about the tours we will be guiding here

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