Marijn Heuts

Workshop leader

Marijn Heuts, born in 1977 in the Netherlands, is a freelance writer and nature photographer. Marijn practices every aspect of nature photography, from landscapes to mammals, and from plants to abstracts, but always with a personal and creative touch. Although he mainly concentrates on photographing the nature and wildlife close to his home in the Netherlands, Marijn has developed a strong schizophrenic love for both Scandinavia and the African continent. 


To Marijn, nature photography is like a perfect trinity of virtues: creativity, piece of mind and a healthy workout in fresh air. His images and articles have been published in/on various websites, books, magazines and calendars. Marijn’s images have also won several awards in national and international nature photography competitions. If he is not able to go out with his camera, Marijn tries to convey his feelings and thoughts by writing about nature photography for websites, magazines and books.



Instagram: marijnheuts

COVID-19 announcement 

From the 15th of July 2020, all travelers from EEA/Schengen countries (with acceptable levels of infection) can travel to Norway again. All our tours and workshops, from the 15th of July, will continue as planned. We make sure that we follow all the regulations. Every guests will receive a private room and there will be extra transportation arranged in order to travel with as few persons as possible per car. 

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