2015 Black grouse and Capercaillie season great success!
May 2015


This year's season has finished. And what a season it was! We had on the peak 20 male black grouse and 10+ capercaillie displaying. The black grouse were fighting more than ever and also there were many more matings than previous years. The new capercaillie lek is a huge improvement and had a very high success rate. 8 out of the 9 guests who booked the capercaillie hides, photographed the males displaying! It didn't take long for the birds to accept the hides and come close....very close! 


I want to thank all of my guests for trusting in my tours! It was a great pleasure having you here and I'm thrilled knowing that I will be seeing most of you back in the near future!

2015 Black grouse and Capercaillie season is sold out!
February 2015 


With great pleasure I bring you the news that this year's black grouse and capercaillie season is fully booked. There seem to be many birds in our area, so things are looking great for April and May!


The first reservations for next year are already in. So book on time for  2016 if you missed out this year!

Winter Lofoten tour
11. February 2015


At the moment I'm in Lofoten to develop a winter photography tour. Today we had a great day photographing landscapes. Tomorrow we will focus on the wildlife.


From February 2016 it will be possible for you to join me and other photographers in this amazing area. 

Wild Lofoten tour
July 2014 


I just returned from a 24 day tour up North on the Lofoten islands and the surroundings. The purpose of this trip was to set up a tour which will be full with species of wildlife and great landscapes. I have met some great persons in this amazing area and we will be able to set some completely new things up. Lofoten is already known for its amazing landscapes but there is not much done with the wildlife living in this area. So we have put in great effort in finding the best spots for photographing wildlife in the best possible conditions. And we succeeded! Now we have to go through all the photo material we made and set up the tour. Hopefully we will have everything ready by the end of September.

Great success with owls
June 2014 


I'm happy to announce that this year's owl season has been a great success! We had 100% success rate on all the tours and photographed all the species we wanted. Especially the great grey owls were great fun to work with. All of my guests turned home satisfied with full memory cards. I'm happy to know that some of them will come back next year. It was an absolute pleasure guiding you guys!

March 2014 


At the moment I'm setting up a tour to the Lofoten islands. This tour will be packed with species of wildlife and amazing landscapes. You might be thinking that there are already enough tours to the Lofoten islands available. But this tour will be different! We will not only stay on the Lofoten islands, but visit some other areas in order to photograph some very special species. And the best part, I will not be guiding alone. There will be a very talented nature photographer joining the tour to give photo workshops. He will be focusing for a large part on landscape photography and show us how to make those mind-blowing shots. 


The tour will be from the end of June in 2015. 

Black grouse
March 2014 


The first males have already started displaying in the very early mornings. Things are looking very good for this year's display season! So far we have had a very mild winter and the population seems to be quite high in the area. That promises many birds on the display area!


Don't forget, there is still one date open for booking! From the 20th of April until the 23rd of April, 3 mornings of photography. Take a look here for more information.