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Your Norwegian Nature was founded in June 2014 by Floris Smeets. Floris has a background in forestry and nature management (bachelor degree) and in applied ecology (master degree). His goal with the company is to not only show the beauty of the Norwegian nature but also to spread the knowledge about the Norwegian nature. Additionally to his great passion for the nature, he is a keen photographer and guide. From the age of 11 he owned his first camera and has been photographing the nature ever since. His work has been featured is several magazines, newspapers and exhibitions. In 2012 he guided his first tour in Norway and decided to make it his full time job after finishing his masters in 2014. The combination of his knowledge about the nature and photography, makes him an excellent guide.


Here is the story from the man himself:


My name is Floris Smeets, I'm the host, guide and owner of Your Norwegian Nature. In 2010 I came from the Netherlands to Norway for my studies (Forest and nature management focused on wildlife management and a master in applied Ecology, focused on wildlife). I fell in love with the Norwegian nature and decided to stay.


From a young age I had great interest in wildlife, nature and photography. When I came to Norway, my interest increased a lot and I became more active in wildlife photography. Especially grouse and owl species got my attention. I spent a lot of time getting to know the species and got successful in photographing them.


Next to nature and photography, I have a great passion for guiding. In 2012 I co-guided my first tour and in 2013 I started to guide groups by myself. During my stay in Norway, I have spent much time outside in the Norwegian nature, getting to know where and how to find the native wildlife and participating in research projects. Also, I found good cooperation with local researchers and l gained a lot of knowledge about the wildlife and their habitats. Now I'm ready to share this with you.


During my tours, I focus on showing you the Norwegian wildlife and telling you about the ecology of the species which we will and can encounter. I strive to act as ecological friendly as possible with my services and products. The animals wellbeing comes first at all times. 


Feel free to contact me and ask any questions. I speak Dutch, English, German and Norwegian.

For my portfolio, please visit:

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